Dobrodosli na sajt MB Plast,

"MB PLAST" is a small bussines firm for producing plastic, founded in the year 1994. Over the years we have gained experience and reputation in many areas of plastics processing, ranging from film extrusion and bag making.

Production over the years expanded the injection chair, and since 2008. we began to do and blowed packaging plastic.

Our products are characterized by: beautiful colors, beautiful appearance and high with quality products, as confirmed by our product exports to the European Union, which meet very high standards. That's why all our products are made from genuine top quality and purest material, which is harmonized with international standards of quality.

To our clients "MB PLAST" is a stable partner, and exemplary industry and profitable company. By providing services and producing cutting edge products, development and implementation contribute not only to their own development, but also move closer to the world and positioning on the international market. We strive to make our actions and operations as much as possible meeting the needs of our clients, that they go out to meet and improve their business. © 2011